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What is a whole foods plant-based diet?

When you first think of a plant-based diet you may invision a never ending plate of salads leaving you unsatisfied and your tastebuds underappreciated. But this is NOT the case, actually it's the exact opposite. A whole foods plant-based diet opens up a whole new world of never ending healthy and delicious food combinations that will leave your tastebuds celebrating and your health in top shape.

So what exactly does a whole foods plant-based diet consist of? It is centered on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plants. This includes fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes; and excludes or minimizes meat (including chicken & fish), dairy products, and eggs, along with highly refined foods like bleached flour, unrefined sugar, and oils. The variety of foods found in this diet make it easy to prepare delicious and familiar dishes including, pizza, lasagna, tacos and so so much more!

Most diets include elimination and portion control, forcing you to count calories and/or eat foods that are small quantities and sometimes in the form of a powder or frozen. Although in the beginning, following an extremely calorie restricted and portion controlled diet will promote weight loss, will it be sustainable? More than likely, no. And so the yo-yo dieting begins of losing weight just to gain it back and lose it again. That is exhausting and very frustrating.

With a whole foods plant-based diet you can throw all of that and the bag of chips out the window! Your weight will melt off, your mind will be clearer, the ache in your joints will subside, you will sleep better, your mood will be enhanced, you will more energy to do the things you enjoy and......drumroll........your plates will be FULL all day everyday with delicious food. The most intimidating part of transitioning into a whole foods plant-based diet is just that. Where to start? How do I change my shopping and cooking habits? What foods do I need? But you're in luck! I am here to help you every step of the way, whether this means you just want to learn how to eat better and incorporate more plant-basedish meals into your routine or you are full fledge committed to changing your diet (life!) and need help every step of the way. Going through this transition myself, which took almost 3 years (dairy was hard but I learned delicious ways to cook and make replacements, i.e. cashews) I completely understand how difficult it can be. But I also know that this was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family! Please contact me with any questions and keep an eye out - more to come on plant-based eating staples, recipes, tips & tricks.

P.s. Every bite you take either fights disease or fuels it. Next time you order, shop for, or prepare a meal think of this, will this meal take me one step closer to my health goals or one step back?

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