• Chelsey Hoffman

Life is Hard.

Every day we are faced with choices from the second our eyes open; to hit snooze or get up, workout or not workout, make a healthy breakfast or grab a donut on the way. These small, most of the time, overlooked and unnoticed choices lead to big impacts on our self-esteem, relationships, and overall health.

Eating junk food, settling for convenience, quantity over quality, and skipping chances to be physically active all lead to hard consequences; struggling with weight, poor sleep patterns, low self-esteem and chronic diseases. Ultimately depriving you of the healthy, happy, easier life you deserve. Making unhealthy choices is easy but the outcomes are hard.

Meal planning and prep, grocery shopping, waking up early to workout is hard. But these difficult choices lead to an easier life. One that promotes health and longevity, better sleep, improves your mood, and even..drumroll please..... fights off and can reverse disease! Making healthy choices is hard but guess what? It gets easier! Yes that's right, it will not always be hard.

So the point I'm trying to make is that life is hard, no matter what, so why not choose the route that will lead you towards a lifetime of success and happiness!? An added bonus - you will also be setting a great example for your loved ones, inspiring and teaching them how to make healthier choices. We all want better for our children right? So what better way to ensure this by teaching them the tools to live a healthy life, free of disease, and empowered!

So which one sounds better to you? Here is a challenge; make one healthy choice tomorrow. This could be drinking water instead of pop or juice or grab some fruit or veggies instead of that candy bar or chips. How about taking a 20 minute walk? Whatever works for you, just pick one and commit to it. You will be shocked to see/feel the difference making one simple healthy change can have in one week (7 days). Making one simple, quick, and easy healthy choice per day will lead to huge impacts! Go ahead and see for yourself :)

Keep an eye out - I will be starting a FREE health challenge soon to help you jumpstart your health and improve your everyday choices. What everyday decisions are you struggling with that keep you from reaching your health goals?

Life is hard: Choices matter.

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