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Healthy Tip: Let Go of Relationships That No Longer Work

Reflecting for a moment, how many different relationships do you have in your life? A lot right!? From intimate relationships, family, friendships, and work, you are managing many different relationships that all require attention, communication and effort from both parties.

Hopefully these relationships leave you to feel connected, heard, fulfilled, and bring you joy but sometimes that is not the case. Unfortunetly, some relationships can leave us feeling anxious, hurt, exhausted, and confused. When this happens you might be involved in a toxic relationship that can be mentally, emotionally, and even physically draining. And because we are so quick to blame and judge ourselves, we continue to pursue these relationships, giving even more effort with the belief that it is our fault and our responsibility to fix it.

Toxicity comes in all forms: physical and emotional abuse, name-calling, gossip and lying that leave you with internal turmoil and can have long lasting negative effects on your health. According to psychological studies, toxic relationships can result in sever inner conflict that can potentially lead to anger, depression, or anxiety. It is important to recognize the red flags associated with toxic individuals and relationships in order to protect yourself and your health.

Red Flags:


-Narcissistic personality



-Blames others


-Talks poorly about others


-Refuses to deal with conflict

-Will not admit their mistakes

A good way to evaluate your relationship is to gauge how you feel after you spend time together. When there are more negative feelings than positive you should consider taking a step back, setting some boundaries and even letting go and moving on. Unfortunetly there are no easy solutions to ending toxic relationships. But recognizing red flags, cutting ties, and most importantly forgiving those that have hurt us (that's a whole other post) will provide you with an enormous amount of relief and improvements to your health.

Are you now or have you been in a toxic relationship? What helped you recognize that it was toxic and how did you let it go? I would love to hear your experiences!

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